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Bagagevogn VIP stor guld

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The prestigious luggage trolley TRANSBAG VIP BR fits harmoniously into any ambience. Here as high-quality brass version in two different tube diameters.

• Solid brass tube either with Ø40 mm diameter
• Non-marking and full wrap-around rubber bumper in light grey
• Hanging rail (48 cm) for coat hangers
• Metal base
• High-quality appearance with hidden screw fittings
• Thick and soft velour carpet made of 100% polyamide
• 4 diff erent carpet colours: red, blue, black, grey
• 2 swivel and 2 fi xed castors Ø200 mm ‘RG’

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Tlf: 7023 9799


60 2 2 10-12 300

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