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Wastebin Ridge Recycling

18.394 kr

Standing together Ridge creates a feeling of a city skyline.

Ridge, with its special expression, becomes a different and expressive feature in the modern office. Standing together Ridge creates a feeling of a city skyline. As Ridge has a high finish on all sides It gives the impression of an interior detail, not just a recycling station. Details such as bevelled outer edges and a slight distance between the frame and top shows a feel of quality and detail.
A very stable construction that is built of 22 mm MDF and lacquered in 11 standard colors. Ridge is available in two heights – low and high. What distinguishes low and high is the slope of the upper frame. Ridge can be ordered with different recycling symbols depending on the purpose and waste. Both are easily emptied with the help of the doors' 180 ° hinges. The stainless steel ramp for easy access of a 140 liter waste bin is not only a practical detail, but also a part of the design that stands out. We have made sure that, as standard, each Ridge always includes an access ramp, rubber mat and adjustable feet - for extra smooth use and recycling.

Width (mm)

Height (mm)
1397 – Low
1521 – High

Depth (mm)

Volume container 
140 L

Volume Bag holder 
160 L

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