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Wastebin Kite Mini

1.850,04 kr

Kite mini is a perfect waste bin to place under a desk, in a hotel room or in smaller conference rooms.

Kite, has taken both its name and its appearance from the geometric shape of a kite. The straight angles gives a bold and exciting expression, while they harmonize well with the room and its shape. The unique shape holds angles of 60 °, 90 ° and 120 ° which makes it ideal for placement in corners of varying angles. Kite mini is based on the same form and is an exact copy of Kite , but in reduced size. This gives a clear "family feeling" and a unified expression. Kite mini is intended for smaller spaces, for example under desks, hotel rooms or smaller conference rooms. The Kite mini also has a wall bracket, which means that it can be placed on a wall. As a single or in pairs to free up floor space.

Well-thought-out design and click system for easy assembly

Kite mini has no fittings and requires no tools, which means you can assemble it by hand in just 4 minutes. It is thanks to the well-thought-out design that the sides are clicked into each other and are then ready to use.

Base in 100% recycled plastic

Sustainability is in our business DNA, woven into products from the drawing board to end use and further more to material recycling. A key factor for sustainable progress is curiosity and being open to new solutions such as recycled materials, design for circular economy, fewer components, etc. Therefore, we have designed Kite mini with click mounting for easy material recycling and chosen a base with 100% recycled ABS plastic.


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