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Wastebin Hold Recycling

2.138,40 kr

Waste bin Hold, a collaboration between Tengbom architects

TreCe has together with Tengbom architects developed the recycling bin Hold. A collaboration that started with Tengbom seeing a need for a different and functional recycling bin that could meet the needs of smaller spaces such as conference rooms, hotel rooms, smaller meeting rooms, etc. TreCe was contacted and the result was Hold. A small and functional bin with a lid that is available in 7 different inlets. There is also a wall mount for Hold, which means that it can be placed on the wall. Hold is available in 11 RAL colors as standard.

Inside containers in 100% recycled plastic, a sustainable choice

Sustainability is in our business DNA, woven into products from the drawing board to end use and further more to material recycling. A key factor for sustainable progress is curiosity and being open to new solutions such as recycled materials, design for circular economy, fewer components, etc. Therefore, the inside container is made of 100% recycled ABS plastic and marked according to ISO 11469 for easy material recycling. Read more about why the Hold waste bin is a sustainable choice under the tab "Sustainability".

Width (mm)

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