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Waste bin Hightower with Lid

11.392,92 kr

A new range of recycling bin for both outdoor and indoor environments.

Hightower is part of a new range of waste bins designed by Jangir Maddadi for indoor and outdoor environments. The frame is made of galvanised sheet steel that can be lacquered in our standard colours or any RAL colour. Hightower holds 125L and is adapted for 85-140L waste bags.

Legs for Hightower are available in 3 different versions, oak legs, stainless steel legs where both have adjustable feet and then a concrete base with 4 stainless steel legs. The wooden legs are only suitable for indoor use but the other options work well outdoors. Naturally it is stainless steel for outdoor use and Swedish steel plate for indoor use.

There are inlets on both the front and back. If placed outdoors, we recommend Hightower with a lid for bird protection.

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