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Drop single basket

3.830,76 kr

Expanding the Drop collection, we present the paper bin that partially hides the waste and its being identified with a vinyl pictogram for its classification in: glass, organic, general, paper, plastic or aluminum. Designed so they can be combined between them.
Made of galvanized steel and painted with thermo-hardened powder paint lacquered in the oven. Includes a galvanized steel inner ring that holds the bag. Can be used in roofed exteriors.
62 liter bin capacity, for garbage bags starting from 50 liters.

Manufacturing materials are 100 % recyclable. The used paints do not contain solvents, do not consume water and do not generate emissions or waste. The result is a lower environmental impact.

Structure: galvanized steel. Ring: galvanized steel.

DROP TOP: 436x216x717 mm 17.16x8.5x28.22’’ Capacity: 62 liters.

Colours: textured white, textured black, forged grey, textured red, textured blue, garnet, green, red sirung, bronze, textured rust.

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