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Drop Triple basket

4.895 kr

Bin that allows multiple recycling in a single container with 3 compartments differentiated on the lid due to their geometric shape. The three cavities are identifiable with a vinyl pictogram to choose from: glass, organic, general, paper, plastic or aluminum. Can be used in roofed exteriors.

Main structure: galvanized steel.

· Dimensions: 420x434x720mm 16.54x17.08x28.34’’.
· The total capacity of the three cavities is 120 liters. We recommend the use of garbage bags starting from 50 liters

Manufacturing materials are 100 % recyclable. The used paints do not contain solvents, do not consume water and do not generate emissions or waste. The result is a lower environmental impact.

Colours: textured white, textured black, textured forged grey, textured red, grey beige, textured blue, textured garnet, textured green, textured red sirung, textured bronze Bagana, textured rust rame.

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